Monday, 22 February 2010

Socks Addict….

It’s true. I admit it. At first I could handle it but it is rapidly escalating out of control. It used to be just a small sock, (worn preferably) that I could hide somewhere in the back of my dog crate so Tula the Perfect Dog couldn’t steal it. Recently I have taken to stealing them off the radiator when they are drying, which has caused some confusion to Owner who now has about 14 odd sock and only about 3 pairs. But socks are great cos you can pull them apart on the floor so it looks like some kind of sock autopsy when Owner walks in. Occasionally I get a bit carried away and actually EAT the sock too, which makes for some interesting deposits in the garden. But it’s much softer coming out the rear than the chewed Tupperware was the other week – ouchy. I think Tula the Perfect dog has been watching the art of sock stealing but failed miserably this morning by trying to steal the sock WHILE OWNER WAS STILL PUTTING IT ON. Ambitious – yes, I had to admire how brazen she was, but in terms of managing to get away with sock theft, not great.

Anyhooo, I got a brilliant new gift from Owner this week. Owner had cleared out Grumpy Son’s room and dismantled his single bed, which was very narrow and thus son would kind of get in the way when I was trying to share it with him at night. But on Friday there was a NEW ARRIVAL. A HUGE new bed in Grumpy Son’s room, which fits me just perfectly. At first I wasn’t sure as it is on castors, which are put on the bottom of a bed so that if a Giant Schnauzer jumps on it and you have a laminate floor then the whole bed scoots over the room and scares the dog. I soon got the hang of jumping on the bed towards the wall so we don’t do the dog roller coaster ride though. Sadly for me, Grumpy Son also expects to share my new bed. There is plenty of room for both of us, but y’know, it’s a bit of a cheek really. At least he warms it up for me a bit though …and when he is asleep I can steal his socks, mwahahahaha.

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  1. Otto says "I'm still waiting at the door for you" "Dannie came & showed mum & Dad how to pull my hair out on Sunday" "I now have a bald bum, like a monkeys" "As for socks, I'm rather partial to those too"