Monday, 4 January 2010

Minxster the Naughty Giant Jan 2010

Well, it appears I have my own blog, which is very clever of me because I don't have opposable thumbs. A bit about me - I am a 3 year old Giant Schnauzer, my owner (that's her bashing her head against a wall) wanted to rescue an elderly male Giant as a companion to her other Giant Schnauzer, Tula. But a kind lady rehomed me because I was in a very unhappy situation *cries a bit* and she knew that I would make a fabulous buddy for Tula (who is perfect in every way). She also knew my owner was a bit of a sucker, and wouldn't throw me out just because my hobbies include single handedly destroying the house, standing on tables, climbing sofas, jumping over glass, pulling items off the top of a book shelf, barking at animals on the TV, and my personal favourite, howling at 3am, 4am and 5am until my owner lets me on her bed or gives up and gets up. I like to growl at her when she makes me my food - it keeps her on her toes. But mostly and bestestly, I like to wait until my owner is alseep on the sofa and curl up on top of her, snuggling my head under her chin. Although those of you who are slightly more suspicious may think this is a ploy just so I keep a roof under my head. But I do adore Tula, who is older and wiser, (and also makes a damn good agility jump when I am in a bouncy mood), I love going out for walks (I particularly enjoy picking up random lost gloves and bringing them home), and owner's son, who, when he isn't being grumpy, shares my bed, oops I mean his bed.

Welcome to blogger followers who want to keep up with my tales of destruction.

Minxster xxx


  1. To comment, click on where it says number of comments under the blog, and a box should pop up for you to comment in. I am trying to get the box to be there permanantly, but, y'know, I'm a dog so not that talented at IT.....

  2. Naughty minxster arrives at last with her own blog :0)

  3. thanks minxster ,lets hope it works this time, the last times i put in a message but it told me to try later, great blog !!


  4. Otto likes his naughty girls ;-)

  5. Minxster, you're awesome! Love your blog. And keep up the good work ;-)