Friday, 8 January 2010

Ode to a Norty Schnauzer (oh no, it's POETRY)

What a Minxster Wishes for....

All I want is a nice warm bed,
Somewhere safe to rest my head,
A bit of love and a friendly hug,
And in the winter a fire with a fireside rug,
But maybe I want my owner’s bed,
And as a trampoline I can use my owners head
Because human sleep is over rated
I will wake her up every hour as stated
I will search the house for Uggs she hides
And when I get them they will become my finds
A chomp and a chew makes Minxster happy
Strangely it makes my owner snappy
No fence on earth will keep me in,
No kitchen safe especially the bin
Whose contents are spread over the floor
From the back of the house through to the front door.
Socks on floors are there for me,
Carpet is there to soak up wee,
Doors are just obstacles so I can get out
And leave owner panic-struck I have no doubt
But owner don’t worry I will soon be back
Common sense I have although brains I lack
So I know my life is good with you,
Because you love me through and through.
(God knows why though.)

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