Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wobbly few days....

It has been a wobbly few days here at Palace du Tula. Firstly, there has been the weather. As a Minxster there is nothing better than bouncing through the snow and then all over owner. But the snow is now ice, and my 4wd is obviously a bit faulty cos there have been a few rear end skids that have resulted in me stopping a little more suddenly than I was intending. Owner was very concerned and held her hand over her mouth whilst snorting and shaking, which I presume means she was worried about my welfare. Owner declared that it was DANGEROOOOOS outside and she wasn’t risking her neck for the entertainment of watching me do a starfish impression. Owner obviously forgot just how bored a little Giant Schnauzer can get, so there has been many varied games I have come up with like:

  • Ripping up newspaper and shredding it

  • Eating the rabbit’s food.

  • Trying to eat the rabbit.

  • Waiting until Tula the Perfect dog is asleep, taking hold of the corner of the sofa throw and tugging to see if she falls off

  • Running off with Owner’s socks

  • Trying to sleep on top of Tula.

  • Hiding behind the bathroom door when Owner is DOING STUFF in the bathroom then barking at her when she comes out

But Owner had other things on her mind. A couple of years ago she lost her beautiful labrador to cancer. The first indication that he had any illness was that he had a tumour in his anal gland. Owner was very sad when it was time for him to leave her and she still has pictures of the BEAUTIFUL BOY WHO BROKE MY HEART all over the house. So, when Owner found a lump in the same place when grooming Tula the Perfect Dog she was WORRIED. It came at a very bad time, because Owner is usually at home with us most of the time, but it happened during a few days when she had lots of meetings and couldn’t do anything. The funny thing was, when Owner tried to sleep she had nightmares, and when she woke up she seemed to mis-remember the little lump as being a huge lump the size of a cannonball. Owner kept getting very sad but today she got Tula the Perfect Dog to the vet. Fighting back the tears, the took the Tula in, and was told that there was a little fluid, which was sorted in about five seconds, and Tula the perfect dog happily trotted out with a clean bill of health. Owner came home and sat on the sofa with us Giants on either side saying I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH DON’T EVER GET ILL. And then we got a treat. Presumably this means we have been trying really hard not to be ill so we get rewarded for that. I was just pleased I didn’t get the vet’s cold hand up my bottom too thanks to my Owner’s dog illness paranoia. I may even try to sneak on Owner’s bed for a cosy night’s sleep on the back of her relief. If I can manage to look REALLY pitiful…..

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